Episode 17: I was gonna go to the casino, but then I got high…

In this weeks episode, Vinny Chenz takes a trip to MGM Springfield, but ends up eating himself into a food coma. The boys also go over some Football updates, why you may not want to use a Bookie, and finish up with some fan emails and Lost Vegas Tape #6.

Episode Details:

  • MGM Springfield
    • BIG E – Eating like a Pig
      Dispensary (YOU KNOW…. MARY JANE)
    • Craps, Pai Gow, Slots, Wheel Of Fortune
  • Football Updates
    • Podcast Superiority Pool
    • Futures Bets
    • Bad beat with Antonio Brown
  • We Sold Out
  • Joe’s Cautionary Tale
  • Chiropractor – Pai Gow Story
  • New Reviews
  • Fan Video from the Bally’s Sport Book
  • Emails
    • Joe inspires all the fat slobs out there
    • Bankroll Management / Paying Taxes
    • Poker Dealer Cashes In
    • Half Speed Craps Talk
  • Hollywood Horror Nights
  • Lost Vegas Tape #6
    • Pinball Hall of Fame
    • Colossus WSOP Event
    • Blue Ribbon / Old Fashioned Crawl at Cosmo

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