Episode 12: 1.21 Gigawatts – Going Back In Time

While Chenz is in Vegas, the boys pre-record a walk down memory lane in this variety episode. Includes stories about AC as a child, first time gambling, getting engaged, and even going to jail.

Episode Details:

  • Going Down Like “La Bamba”
  • First time in Atlantic City
    • Embarrassment in the Arcade
    • Boardwalk Mall / Showboat Bowling
  • Turning Stone Casino
    • First time playing craps
  • Disappointing my Mother
  • Joe’s Engagement in AC
  • “Fingers” Memory
  • Grandparent’s Card Club
  • Playing Poker Online
    • First Big Score (On the toilet)
    • Sit-N-Go Multi Tabling
  • Vin’s Yearbook
  • Hosts are like family
  • Hand Pays / Danny Osh Tipping Policy
  • Tropicana
    • Havana Dollars
    • Karaoke Bars and my Wife
  • Joe’s Kid and his Occupation
  • Beach Bar Memories / Under the Boardwalk
  • Joe’s got anger issues
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Vin Goes to Jail
  • Email: New Players Getting into Poker
    • Coaching
    • Books
  • Chip and a Chair
  • Vegas Movie Countdown
  • Vegas Trip Preview

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