Episode 26: Gazpacho!

Vinny Chenz sweats out a potential big score during the Super Bowl and Big Joe sweats on the toilet. They take a visit to Resorts World NYC, talk about cashless gaming, and answer emails about Vegas strip clubs, dispensaries and gambling with celebrities.

  • Big Joe can’t catch a break
  • Chaos in Macau
  • Royal Rumble Wrap Up
    • Rolling Dice
  • Resorts World – NYC
  • Super Bowl Box Wrap Up
    • Vinny Chenz gets a sweat
    • 0 – 0 Minute Pool Debate
    • Circa Sports Boxes
    • First Score Prop Bets gone wrong
  • Reviews, News, Emails
  • Cashless Gaming – Debit Cards at the Table
  • Zach from Macau
  • Harsha Destroys the Small, Tall, All
    • Rivers Casino Schenectady
  • OG Sammy K Las Vegas Strip Clubs
    • Vegas Monorail
    • Beginners Luck
    • Vegas Dispensaries
  • Long Island Ryan and Bruce Willis
    • Xzbit Pimps my ride / Rolling with the Bus
    • Kenny Rogers Dick Shaming at Resorts
    • VIP with Brady, Barkley and Jordan (Confirmed)

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